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Line We Love

Fashionable Professionals Will Love This New Label’s Shoulderless Shirting

Meet Circus Royalty, a luxe line of day-to-night essentials.

This Is How Cali Girl Squads Do Fall

Valley High gets it.

LA’s Olderbrother Is Leading the ‘Slow Clothing’ Movement

Visual identity is everything.

These Gigi Hadid-Approved Nail Rings Are Everything

Keep an eye on rising star designer Amanda Marmer.

Stil Has Created Your SoCal Summer Uniform

You'll want to live in this LA-based brand.

Meet Patti Lapel, Your New Favorite Obscure Pin Brand

Pop culture perfection.

This Brand Just Perfected the Little Black Bikini

How we'll be suiting up.

LA Bloggers Are Obsessed With This Wearable Art Brand

Chiara Ferragni is a huge fan.

This It-Girl Loved Label Just Got Even Cooler

Jenny Slate and Lena Dunham are fans.

The Mighty Company's Leather Is Everything

These jackets are the next big thing.

Designer Fabiana Pigna Is One to Watch

Her poplin blouses are a hit.

LA's Newest Denim Brand Father's Daughter Loves Dorky Dads

"LA can be your oyster."

LA's Corinne Collection Is Cool, Comfortable, and All Under $150

Local fashion it-girls are already fanning out.

LA Brand Callahan Creates Cool Knitwear for All Seasons

These stylish knits are Spring essentials.

LA Label S&T Makes the Effortless Vibe As Easy As it Looks

Peep this quintessentially Californian collection.

Two PR Mavens Created This Affordable Dress Line For Multitaskers

You need this piece in your closet ASAP.

Rock Steady With Adina Mills's Ethereally Elemental Wearable Art

The nomadic LA designer merges urban with organic through crystals and clay.

Modern Mystics Will Love MoonPi's Magical Handmade Jewelry

More about this cosmos-inspired collection.

August's Socially Conscious Bags Merge Fashionable With Travel-Ready

The LA-brand's ethically produced luxury bags and accessories were inspired by a journey around the world.

Melissa Sonico's Artsy, Affordable Necklaces Get Minimalist Inspo From Joan Didion

Peep the stylish blogger's pretty pieces.

LA-Based Designer Jess Hannah Makes Minimalism Luxurious With J. Hannah Jewelry

Proof positive that less is sexier than more.

Knorts's Unisex Knitwear Is Creative, Comfortable, and Pretty Much the Coolest

This rad line is unrestricted in more ways than one.

SoCal's Kopari Elevates and Perfects Organic Coconut Oil Based Beauty

Revamp your beach chic routine with a lineup of luscious, multitasking products.

Local Bag Line TONI Caters to Cool Collectors

Stash your stuff in these cool LA-made purses and pouches.

How A Frumpy Frat Shirt Inspired Lunya's Street Style-Worthy Sleepwear

Its mindfully made PJs can go from the bedroom to the boulevard.

LA Line Cosette Gives Its Girlie Gear A Cool Edge

The brand brilliantly balances hard and soft.

Vegan Shoe Brand Nicora's Conscious Approach to Shoemaking

The local label is mindful in more ways than one.

How A BFF's Dress Hunt Inspired Bespoke Boho Bridal Line Dreamers & Lovers

The brand crafts gowns with "heirloom quality fabrics all with a yesteryear feel."

Cuero and Mør's Modern, Minimalist Bags Prove Less is More

Learn more about the local duo behind this luxe leather brand.

Gjenmi's Luxe, Locally Made Jewelry Is Also Surprisingly Affordable

How this LA brand keeps quality high and prices low.

Retro Basics Label Mate's Designer on Why Making Merch in LA was a No-Brainer

Get to know the Erin Wasson- and Zoë Kravitz-inspired local brand.

Betro Simone Creates Cool Clothes for Modern Boho Babes

Get to know the LA-based brand's effortless designs.