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How LA’s Olderbrother Is Leading the ‘Slow Clothing’ Movement

Photos: Olderbrother

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One look at Olderbrother's Instagram will show you that the LA-based brand has nailed its visual identity. Offering flawlessly stylized imagery that fits right in with Kinfolk and Reformation's quirky minimalism, you can tell that Olderbrother is really having fun with fashion, which makes its earth-conscious mission all the more digestible.

Instead of using an authoritative voice to punk people into shopping sustainably, co-founders Bobby Bonaparte and Max Kingery offer a more playful approach to educating the world on its unisex basics, which are all made in California using process-driven, naturally dyed garments. In fact, Olderbrother's hand-dyed garments are such a hit that fellow cult-favorite brands exclusively utilize the brand's dye house for its designs.

We sat down with Bonaparte and Kingery to learn more about Olderbrother's unique aesthetic and organic rise to fame.

Olderbrother gif

What motivated you to launch Olderbrother over two years ago?

We grew up considering the food we put into our bodies. Asking, where it was from, who was growing it, and was it natural. Keenly aware of the difference in taste between a conventional, waxy apple and the tastebud bursting flavor of an organic apple. After a few years in the conventional garment industry, it became clear to us that clothing deserved the same consideration.

Fusing natural processes with contemporary design, we set out to create classic garments. Universal clothes, tailored to fit men, women and those in-between. While we exclusively use earth-conscious textiles, our niche is natural dye. Naturally dyed garments are delightfully comfortable, subtly unique and healthy for your skin. Our process showcases wabi sabi hues achieved through organic plant dyes like indigo, madder root, and oak tree galls.

Has your mission changed at all since you started?

When we started, our sole interest was in providing the most premium and healthiest garments. Now, with all of our knowledge of the industry, it's palpable that fashion is in desperate need of a change in direction.

Our path has been organic. Creating intentionally, with light hearts and playful spirits. Sometimes, finding our way forward through re-innovation of ancient methods.

What are your thoughts on the rising popularity of sustainable fashion?

We commend everyone who considers their impact. The hope is that together we create the shift towards a sustainable future. We're excited to be here and now, with you, making change.