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These Gigi Hadid-Approved Nail Rings Are The Next Big Thing

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Photo: Amanda Marmer

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LA native Amanda Marmer is what you'd call a hustler. Starting off as a styling assistant at the fresh age of 17, Amanda knew early on that fashion and design were her thing, and she wasted no time creating a life that reflected her passion. Further encouraged by stylists Nicolas Bru and Jerry Stafford, she managed to change the traditional notion of starting a small business by joining forces with national retail giant Macy's (at 19 years of age, mind you) to create her first jewelry line, Skulls on Fire. Not long after, the concept for her latest ventures emerged: high-end lifestyle brand Amanda Marmer and daughter brand, AM by Amanda Marmer.

Her original, high-end line aims to foster a community built on positivity, creativity, and effortless luxury, and her newest product line includes elegant jewelry (we can't get enough of her super cute nail rings), candles, and clothing. With celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Bethenny Frankel, and JoJo Fletcher all wearing Amanda's pieces, we're definitely dealing with a design heavy-hitter for years to come. We sat down with Amanda to learn a little bit more about her brand, her inspirations, and her dream clients.

Which celebrities have worn or purchased your jewels?

Rihanna, Janel Parrish, Gigi Hadid, Bethenny Frankel, Halsey, Fergie, and more!

What inspired you to create your nail rings?

I was always intrigued by people with grills, so I thought, if people can wear gold teeth, why can’t they rock gold nails?

Who is your dream client?

I pride myself on being one who reaches for the stars — at least I’ll fall on a cloud, right? John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are just two of the stars I would love to bejewel. Ultimately, however, my dream clients are all those who truly appreciate my design and aesthetic.

If you could collaborate with a designer who would it be?

It’s always hard to pick favorites. Phillip Lim has always been a source of inspiration for me. Two minds are better than one. At the core, I am a collaborator; I love joining forces with creative and talented minds to design pieces that (without bouncing ideas off of one another) couldn’t have been composed alone.

Aside from jewelry do you have other things in the works for both brands?

While I initially found my tempo in jewelry, I have always aspired to compose lifestyle brands; a symphony of luxury and modest items that can enhance a hand, a home, and a way of life. I am preparing to launch my Amanda Marmer signature candle collection and continue to create original lifestyle accessories and amenities. I am also excited to announce that my AM by AM "Munchies Collection" Candles are currently available online!

Why did you create Amanda Marmer and your diffusion line AM by Amanda Marmer at the same time?

I initially created Amanda Marmer to highlight my high-end luxury designs with a classic finish. In order to "knock myself off" before an affordable competitor reproduced similar products, I created AM by AM, a diffusion line that applies my aesthetic at a reasonable price.

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