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Daredevils Can Scale Down The Bloc’s Fashionable Façade in DTLA This Week

Photo: Shatterproof

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While some seek thrills through extreme deal hunting, this shopping mall experience is on a whole other level. Buzzing Downtown lifestyle center The Bloc is giving daredevils a chance to see its fashionable facelift up close and personal — while rappelling 25 stories down its stylish exterior, that is.

To support its mission of raising awareness of prescription opiods addiction, nonprofit org Shatterproof is taking over the soon-to-be unveiled mixed-use center this Thursday, July 14th as part of its fundraising challenge. Registration is $60 and there’s a minimum of $1,000 (or $500 if you're registering with a sponsor) to participate in the climbing party which already has quite a few fearless takers joining the (rope-supported) plunge.

Into it? There are only 39 spots left; register as an individual or with your own team of stunt-loving friends here.

The Bloc

700 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90017