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YSTR’s Cut-to-Order Collection Is Vintage-Inspired Perfection

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With more and more shoppers concerned making with their own wardrobe more environmentally-conscious, we love to discover emerging makers and designers devoted to finding solutions that remain relatively affordable and — of course — super stylish.

That said, we were psyched to get the scoop on just-launched line YSTR. The LA-based brand, which takes it's name from "yesterday," looks to the past for inspo in terms of its easy-to-wear silhouettes (read: breezy linen jumpsuits and blouses) but is fully committed to the present problem of waste by implementing a cut-to-order policy. And yet somehow, the team behind the brand (consisting co-founders Garrett Gerson and April Liang, creative director Katharina Pretl, and marketing guru Sasha Lee) managed to keep all of YSTR's current pieces under $200.

Pretl tells us she looked to '60s icons like Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin when designing the line, but took into consideration what those muses would wear in modern-day. While the current collection is stocked with lightweight, summer-ready pieces, Gerson tells us to keep an eye out for more of their "one-piece wonders and pretty printed dresses" in heavier fabrics (knits, velvet) for the colder seasons ahead. But what won't change anytime soon is YSTR's focus on creating super-wearable garments that balance femininity and tomboy edge, and opt for a significantly smaller ecological footprint.