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Inside Quintessentially LA Designer Jenni Kayne’s Bag

Welcome to In the Bag, a weekly feature where local tastemakers reveal what they never leave home without.

Photo: Jenni Kayne

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Minimalist, luxe designer Jenni Kayne epitomizes the LA design scene with her easy but well-tailored silhouettes, clean, sharp lines, breezy fabrics, and decidedly pared down aesthetic, all appealing to the LA girl who wants to look laid back, approachable, but totally upscale and put together. Her style is boho aspirational, which is really what LA's all about right now.

We'd say that Jenni's collections epitomize the notion of timeless dressing, filled with contemporary wardrobe classics that capture the spirit of modern California femininity and work perfectly for all occasions. Her incredible eye for detail and beautifully simple perspective on the little things informs every piece she creates; these mule slides are a perfect example of Jenni's style.

As major fans ourselves, we couldn't wait to take a look inside Jenni's bag (the PB 0110 in tan) to see what gorgeous things she never leaves home without. About the PB 0110 bags (a staple of her collection), Jenni says, "They are the perfect price point and just so classic. I love that this bag has both a long and short strap and that I have the ability to carry it open as a bucket bag or cinched. It’s incredibly versatile!"

1. Field Notes: I am always writing lists and notes. I like that these notebooks are small and lightweight, and they fit so well in my bag.

2. Barton Perreira sunglasses. I recently discovered them and began selling them at my stores. They are handmade in Japan and the line includes the chicest styles.

3. Beautycounter Tinted Moisturizer. Beautycounter makes the best natural, tinted moisturizer. It provides the right amount of coverage and is the perfect consistency. I carry it in my bag and apply a bit when I need a little natural glow.

4. Sisley Nude Lip Liner. This is my all-time favorite lip color, by Sisley. It is called Nude. My best friend Nicole turned me onto it years ago.

5. Hermès wallet and planner. My husband gives the most thoughtful and timeless gifts. Both the Hermès wallet and planner were anniversary gifts from him. I change out my bags regularly, but these two pieces are constants I carry every day.

6. dōTERRA Peppermint Beadlets. These beadlets are amazing! They not only freshen your breath, but they also relieve stomachaches.

7. dōTERRA Hand Cleanser. My physical therapist at Plumb Line Pilates makes this hand cleanser for me using dōTERRA On Guard essential oil blend, aloe vera and purified water. It kills bacteria naturally without drying out my hands.

8. Hourglass Femme Nude in No. 4. As you can tell I love nude lipstick, but it can be hard to find the perfect shade. For that reason I carry at least two colors at all times. My current favorites are Hourglass Femme Nude in No. 4 and Lipstick Queen Saint in Peachy Nude.

9. Keys. I found this keychain years ago at an equestrian shop in Santa Ynez. It’s so functional because I can find it deep in a bag without having to see it.

10. Muji pens. These are the best! I keep them at my office, in my purse and all around my house.