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Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust Is Coming to Melrose Place Next Week

Photo: Moon Juice

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Back in April, we revealed that Moon Juice was headed to green drink holdout Melrose Place for its latest cosmic cafe. West Hollywood's wait for holistic wellness guru Amanda Chantal Bacon's plant-based alchemy is nearly over — in just eight days, to be exact, when her third LA shop opens on the luxury shopping stretch.

As MJ reveals on Instagram, the space just recently [nailed] the final signage placement for our opening in 13 days!!!" That post was five days ago, which puts Moon Juice #3's debut date at next Thursday. Once it arrives, the magical (and very effective) shop sit pretty across from Alfred Tea and beneath The Apartment by The Line. See the photographic proof below.

A photo posted by MOON JUICE (@moonjuiceshop) on

Moon Juice

709 N Alfred St, Los Angeles, CA 90069, USA