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This Local Line of Beyoncé-Approved Beaded Accessories Is a Must-Have

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Photo: @dagmar_z

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Accessories that transcend time boundaries typically transform into wearable art; they become pieces that you'll own forever and are an extension of your aesthetic worldview. Dagmar Zaragoza's intricately beaded creations, from gorgeous clutches to necklaces to body jewelry, definitely straddle that line and manage to expand on old Central American cultural traditions while never feeling like a costume.

Her amazing pieces, which can currently be found at Roseark, are all hand beaded, many with incredibly delicate work that looks as complicated as embroidery. A look at the color palette of choice (you'll find plenty of primary and jewel tones) and you'll decipher hints of Georgia O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo, and Gustav Klimt — all artists Dagmar is inspired by.

A collection of her work adorned the models in a recent Alice and Olivia runway show, and the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé have all rocked her creations (now that's a rock star lineup if we ever saw one). We sat down with Dagmar and got to know a little more about her inspirations and favorite shopping spots in LA.

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What’s a great piece for a person unfamiliar with your collection to purchase?

I believe it all depends on the person’s style, however I think any of my pieces can be incorporated into an outfit. My pieces are versatile because you can make any of them the center of an outfit or simply an accessory. I think a beaded clutch or scarf are particularly versatile pieces in my collection that anyone can incorporate into their wardrobe.

Who would you love to create a piece for?

Any opportunity to create a piece for someone is a huge honor for me! I would love to make something for Florence Welch. I love her music and style.

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How would you describe your brand and aesthetic?

My brand is a marriage between modern and traditional Native Central American culture. It celebrates the culture through its designs and the way the pieces are handmade using traditional techniques and materials. My aesthetic brings together this culture with traditional fashion, with Western and Northern American style. It’s the incorporation and appreciation of a different culture, while maintaining the bright colors, handmade beads, and embroidery to create color schemes and motifs that are authentic to the native culture of Central America.

Have any celebrities requested or worn your work?

Rihanna, Katy Perry, Stacey Bendent, and Beyoncé.

Where do you love to shop in LA?

I know I can always find something special at Roseark — I love shopping there for all kinds of beautiful pieces from jewelry to art, accessories, and clothing. I also love all things vintage, especially rock tees which are always easy to find at Kelly Cole and What Comes Around Goes Around.

A photo posted by Dagmar Z (@dagmar_z) on