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Inside LA Jewelry Superstar Kathryn Bentley’s Bag

Welcome to In the Bag, a weekly feature where local tastemakers reveal what they never leave home without.

Photo: Kathryn Bentley

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LA is brimming with serious artistic talent, and local jewelry designer Kathryn Bentley is a prime example; she's developed a major cult following with her namesake collection and diffusion line, Dream Collective. A School of Visual Arts graduate (she's a painter), Kathryn's abilities with a brush definitely translate to serious skill with precious stones and setting wax, and her high-end materials align perfectly with an otherwise minimalist aesthetic.

Wandering through her e-commerce site is like a trip through a brilliantly curated Los Angeles boutique; you can practically smell the perfumes she sells (this Dasein scent is bottled in the hills of Glassell Park). Since her store and studio are so creatively beautiful, we had to get a look inside her bag to see what she never leaves home without. That sick ying yang bag? It's an All Hands and Milena Silvano collab creation, and Kathryn says, "I'm trying to maintain a balance between the two opposites as of late."

1. Monk oil. A fragrant protection oil made to keep at bay urban city stresses from day to day. Essential!

2. Car keys with enSoie keychain. I love adding beautiful details to a mundane object.

3. Nathalie du Pasquier notebook and Micron 005 pen. I carry these for sketching and thoughts.

4. Kate Young for Tura Sunglasses. Sunglasses are crucial in LA, and Kate Young is such an amazing stylist and visionary.

5. Noguchi Cuff. This is a nice way to quirk up an outfit and it adds a pop of print and structure.

6. Henne lip balm. A yummy luxury lip balm I recently came upon; a necessity for LA dryness.

7. enSoie cat pouch. Such beautiful embroidery and an inspiring way to store my cards and currency.