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The Wildest Looks From Comic-Con 2016

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This past weekend, the parade of A-list stars that headed in and out of the San Diego Convention Center was eerily comparable to the guest list from this year's Vanity Fair Oscar party. But strangely it wasn't the appearance of celebs like Eddie Redmayne, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Vikander, Brie Larson (AKA Captain Marvel), Tom Hiddleston (minus his new romantic appendage, Taylor Swift), and Ben Affleck that was the biggest treat to the eyeballs of attendees at Comic Con 2016.

That honor went to the cosplayers whose commitment to crafting head-to-toe looks emulating their fave film/television/video game characters (side note: this year's crew was obviously hyped on Suicide Squad, as evidenced by the quantity of Harley Quinns present) or their own purely fantastical creations. Here are some of the most memorable and creative costumes from this year's convention, including an appearance from a snaggletoothed British spy, a few undead, and — yep — a Wonder Piggy.