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Turn Loungewear Into Streetwear With This Luxe Line

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Photo: The Glad Hours

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We've seen loungewear as streetwear before in the form of silk robes, furry slides (read: Rihanna), and even certain spins on athleisure, but wearing actual pajamas outside the bedroom requires mad skills and a really, really nice set of pj's. You can't leave on your Sponge Bob flannel boxers and call it a thing; you need a crisp pair of silk pajamas in a throwback, high-end silhouette.

Enter new LA-based apparel line The Glad Hours, which draws inspiration from artists, musicians, and poets, and whose debut collection features an assortment of silk pajamas in richly dyed jewel tones, dubbed 'Matisse' in honor of the great painter's palette (side note: Matisse is notable for working from his bed). Designer Dominique Porter has an art history background, worked for David LaChapelle, and spent time with the Gagosian Gallery, translating into a broad understanding of colors and style.

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Drawing on leisure looks from the '30s, The Glad Hours's debut collection is full of generously cut, swingy pants and long-cuffed, tailored tops in a range of hues that can totally work IRL. At $380 per set, it's definitely an upgrade to your normal bedtime wardrobe, but think of all the mileage you'll get pairing those pants with kitten heels or wearing that top with cute shorts. Take a page from LA fashion blogger Courtney Trop and turn these into summer street pj's.

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