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The Metal Fanny Pack You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Photo: Stone Cold Fox x Luv Aj

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With summer in full swing, you need a new way to update your "I'm actually going out and not staying home by the AC" look. Be brave, stick with minimal makeup, and try out one of these super cute new chainmaille belts from two of LA's favorite designers: Stone Cold Fox and Luv Aj.

Known for their upscale, beachy vibe, Stone Cold Fox is the perfect counterpoint to Luv Aj's crisp line and harder edges (the partnership is already proven Coachella gold). The 'Rosario' pouch is part of a new collection of 10 styles which range in price from $125-$300, and the first drop has already hit stores and online retailers; look for the rest to come in September.

With plenty of belts to choose from, we're still loving on this piece — which will actually hold a phone (yes, an iPhone), wallet, and maybe a lip gloss. At $300, it's a necessary summer investment item.