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These LA Shopping Centers Are Filled With Pokemon

"Catching Pokemon at The Americana. I am an adult."
"Catching Pokemon at The Americana. I am an adult."
Photo: calliope1975/Instagram

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Whether you're a fan of the free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game that is Pokemon Go or simply want the phenomemon to go away, the harsh reality is that this thing has caught on crazy-fast. People who you thought were completely normal members of society — or total introverts for that matter! — have feverishly come out of the woodwork to try and catch the rarest Pokemon all over town.

To add to our sister site Curbed's generous list of LA Pokestops, we've listed three shopping centers below that Pokemon obsessives are currently infiltrating. We couldn't tell you exactly which Pokemon are at these locations, as our naive souls have yet to jump on the bandwagon. Do share your findings in the comments below, if that's a thing!

THE GROVE (189 The Grove Drive)

BEVERLY CENTER (8500 Beverly Center)

AMERICANA AT BRAND (889 Americana Way)