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Inside ‘Fashion Police’ Host Melissa Rivers’s Bag

Welcome to In the Bag, a weekly feature where local tastemakers reveal what they never leave home without.

Photo: Melissa Rivers

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Melissa Rivers is the ultimate television host, mother, and producer. The only daughter of outspoken fashion hero and comedian Joan Rivers, Melissa seemed destined for TV — we're wistfully remembering her appearances on Beverly Hills, 90210, the hilarious reality show she shared with her late mom, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? and the crazy funny YouTube series she co-created and co-produced, In Bed With Joan (the episode with Kris Jenner is totally epic).

While she may not be as wild as Joan, Melissa is the consummate red carpet fashion expert (it's totally fitting that E! would tap her to right the Fashion Police ship after Joan passed and the Zendaya storm raged). Since she's always interviewing celebrities and asking them who they're wearing, we were dying to turn the tables. Take a look inside her Givenchy 'Nightingale' leather satchel to see what she never leaves home without.

Photo: Melissa Rivers

1. iPhone and my HALO Duo Portable Charger. Can't function without them!

2. Givenchy Special Edition Eyeshadow Palette. I always keep this palette in my bag for last minute touch ups. A little bit goes a long way!

3. Readers. Now these, I really can't live without! My favorite pair is by Salt and they go with everything. Plus, I always have eye drops — it's that time of the year.

4. Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick Quad. This stuff is the best. It looks great, it's easy to apply and it's actually hydrating! I found this color in a set of four on QVC and I was sold!

5. Sunglasses. Living in LA I wear these all day long! I'm currently wearing a fun gold pair by Jacques Marie Mage.

6. NARS Blush. This NARS blush in Orgasm is a game changer. I use just a bit for when I need a glam pick-me-up.

7. Carnal Flower Perfume. This scent is my go-to right now, it's perfect for summer and comes in just the right travel size.

8. The necessities. My bag is always crowed with my day-to-day must-haves including gum, a protein bar, a (blinged out) pen, oil blotting papers for my skin and a couple ribbon hair ties. Also, I always carry a golf ball for when my back and/or shoulders bother me!

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