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EJ Johnson’s Guide to Summer Dressing For the Fashion Fluid

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Breakout star EJ Johnson of E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills graces the reality series with so much sass and fashion fierceness that he's landed his own spinoff show, EJNYC. The son of NBA legend Magic Johnson is as open about his sexuality as he is about his weight loss (fun fact: he goes to Hot Pilates in West Hollywood), and never shys away from a major look that normally involves black, leather, and something sheer. In other words, he's our style spirit animal.

Ahead of EJNYC's season finale airing on E! this Wednesday, July 20th at 9pm, we asked EJ — who freely (and flawlessly) wears both women's and men's clothing — to share his five favorite summer pieces for the fashion fluid and beyond.


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"Caftan moments are key, whether they are full like a dress or worn like a robe. They are perfect for poolside turn ups or yacht lounging."


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"Whether they resemble boots or have a heel, get a sexy and chic lace-up sandal that can translate from day to night."


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"In silk or chiffon, a scarf can be tied on your head as a turban or headwrap, or ride around your waist with shorts as a makeshift skirt."


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"A dress resembling a T-shirt or tank top is perfect for day-to-day errands with sneakers or sandals. You can also butch it up with a snapback or beanie. At night, pair with sexy heels or boots and a biker jacket over your shoulders."


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"Bodysuits are perfect for any occasion. Wear with shorts, pants, or skirts. Ones that resemble lingerie are perfect for nights out and catching the eye of a fine gentleman!"