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Stil Has Created Your SoCal Summer Uniform

Photo: Stil

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When Elora Joshi and Nicole Carbone met working as web merchandisers for the same fast fashion brand post-college, a friendship was instantly born. While the two bonded over their mutual interest in the technology and creativity involved in e-commerce, they weren't as passionate about the specific clothing they were repping. So, they did what any super-motivated, entrepreneurial-minded fashion lovers would do — they set out to create their own line.

Stil launched in 2014 as a solution to the two designers's dilemma of not finding enough well-made, cool-yet-not-too-trend-driven pieces on the market. The LA-based brand is also the aesthetic love child of Joshi's casual, West Coast vibes ("head-to-toe linen or Mom jeans") and Carbone's ever-so-slightly more conservative Connecticut style, which means that Stil benefits by having the best of both worlds: smart shirtdresses, breezy jumpsuits, and relaxed blazer/shorts combos can be dressed up or down and are designed to last you much longer than a season.

Oh and something else that separates Stil from its founders's fast fashion past? Because the line is created locally in small runs and is comprised of fabrics sourced in LA, it also happens to be sustainable — so you can feel good about adding the brand to your conscious closet. We got the scoop on what's great about being local and more when we chatted up Joshi and Carbone, who also shared the other Angelean brands they covet and why they are their own muses.

Stil Has Created Your California Cool Uniform

When you first dreamed up a clothing line, what were you looking to achieve?

NC: We were looking to create clothing we both wanted to wear. The pieces are comfortable and versatile, and we spend a lot of time choosing the right fabrics for each piece. All of our styles are created with the idea that they can be worn multiple ways, for the girl who prefers quality over quantity.

How does California inspire the line?

EJ: California has this kind of cool, casual wear the same outfit all year round vibe and that's definitely a huge influence in our designs. We don't create a big collection every season because we believe a piece should stay relevant for longer than a few months. Instead, we build off of the same collection and just update the styles with slightly different cuts and fabrics.

Stil Has Created Your California Cool Uniform

Do you two have any muses?

EJ: I think this will sound a little self-centered but we are our muses. We really base our collections on what we would like to wear because we figure if we love it, so will others.

What piece is your current best seller, and why do you think that is?

EJ: Our Bret jumpsuit is really popular and it's actually one of our favorite pieces as well. It's just so easy to wear. You can wear it loose and boxy if you're going for a really casual, easy look or you can add the waist belt if you want something a little more refined and it completely changes the look of the piece.

Stil Has Created Your California Cool Uniform

What's the best part of creating a collection here in LA?

NC: Meeting and working with other creatives who inspire us! I think LA is really unique in the sense that it's incredibly collaborative. We'll often pull accessories from other local designers for our shoots. Everyone is great about helping each other out and it offers a kind of support system and a sense of community that's really nice.

Which other LA based brands are you loving?

EJ: We are obsessed with Marais and LOQ. Both have amazing shoes!

Stil is currently shoppable online as well as at Althouse in DTLA.