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LA Celebrity Stylists Reveal Their Best Wedding Day Fashion Hacks

Photo: @anitapatrickson

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After scoring the perfecting venue, selecting the dreamiest dress, and maybe securing a fancy magazine feature, the big day has finally arrived. But what the heck do you do if something crazy happens to your or your stylish wedding party's looks, like a rip, a spill, or — worse — a sizing issue?

Don't panic, just pull up this handy cheat sheet filled with insider tricks for last-minute fashion emergencies. We asked ten of Hollywood's go-to stylists what game-changing items should be in your wedding day 911 kit, along with some out-of-the-box ways to save the day with ordinary objects. (George Kotsiopoulos has a genius trick that involves rubberbands.)

See below for the best tips every, straight from fashion pros like Angelina Jolie's longtime favorite Jen Rade, Vanessa Hudgens's BFF Natalie Saidi, Fergie's go-to Nicolas Bru, and Olivia Culpo's secret weapon Anita Patrickson.

George Kotsiopoulos

"Have a bag of rubber bands handy to adjust the shirt sleeve lengths on the groom and his groomsman just in case alterations were not done properly or if there were not any. Place the bands around each arm over the shirt sleeves just above or below the elbow. Pull the sleeve up from the center of the arm so the length is at the wrist length. Put the jacket back on and adjust the sleeve length so approximately one half inch of sleeve is visible." — George Kotsiopoulos, celebrity stylist at TheOnly.Agency

Natalie Saidi

A photo posted by Natalie Saidi (@nataliesaidi) on

"It's always important to be prepared for anything, especially on your wedding day. I think Topstick (aka double-sided tape) is super important because it works for just about anything. It fixes a quick dress or pant hem, keeps your boobs from falling out of your dress, can stick your husbands boutonnière to his jacket, and can instantly resize your rings and bracelets if they are too big.

Also, a Tide pen and OxyClean spray works wonders on any scary stains that might appear throughout the day or night, whether it's from food, makeup, flowers, or dirt." — Natalie Saidi, celebrity stylist

Nicolas Bru

A photo posted by Nicolas Bru (@mr_nicolasbru) on

"My #1 tip would be to have a backup dress. If you don't have that, definitely have a sewing kit, Shout wipes (use only as a last resort) and this magic sponge. It’s for deodorant but removes makeup incredibly well without getting the garment wet and risking damaging it more." — Nicolas Bru, celebrity stylist at TheOnly.Agency

Anita Patrickson

"On your wedding day it's best to be prepared! I make a mini kit that you can keep in your bathroom cupboard long after your special day that's filled with useful emergency products that you will need and use time and time again! You can see my at-home styling kit list here.

One of my best tricks for a structured or corset'ed top or dress is dental floss! It's the perfect thread to mend a broken zipper. Sew a bride back in using this nifty trick and it will hold all night long, no matter how fab her dance moves are!" — Anita Patrickson, celebrity stylist and co-founder of International Style Institute

Daniel Musto

A photo posted by Daniel Musto (@danielmusto) on

"Mine has to be a bleach pen and a white-out pen. Weddings are all about white, and with bridesmaids covered in body makeup, you’ve got to be ready for anything!" — Daniel Musto, celebrity stylist and E! Style Collective influencer

Jen Rade

A photo posted by Jen Rade (@stylistjenrade) on

"Every bride should have a mini wardrobe kit similar to what I use for my celebrity clients for red carpet events. Key items to include are: double-sided tape, pre-threaded needles in the color of both your dress and your bridesmaids', a lint roller because one of your groomsmen may need one, and safety pins in various sizes.

Side note: it's important for brides to not have their gowns tailored too tight because breathing does become more shallow on big days like this and the dress suddenly feels tighter, so be cautious with alterations!" — Jen Rade, celebrity stylist at TheOnly.Agency

Joey Tierney

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"I love working with brides — weddings make me so happy. I carry two items with me at weddings and send my brides off for their special day with the same: a Tide pen and Wine Away. Both inexpensive, and both are MAGIC." — Joey Tierney, celebrity stylist

Dana Goldenberg

"Make sure you are fully prepared for every wardrobe detail so that you’re not stressed out on your special day. You should have decided on your accessories, undergarments, shoes, and hair and makeup looks prior to the big day, so a test run would be a good move. Make sure to have a little styling kit on hand for the basics like Topstick, small sewing kit, scissors, and moleskin for your feet." — Dana Goldenberg, celebrity stylist

El Shane

"My go-to bride advice is to pre-plan a cool sneaker to go with your glam bridal look. On my wedding at midnight, I swapped out my Alaïa heels for a colorful pair of Adidas kicks, allowing me to dance until sunrise! A comfortable, happy bride is the chicest bride of all. Besides, white sneakers with dresses are so on trend!" — Elshane, celebrity stylist and blogger

Sara Paulsen

A photo posted by Sara Paulsen (@sara_paulsen) on

"Topstick can be a real lifesaver! Not only can it be used to secure the dress to avoid nip slips (we don't want to send anyone into cardiac arrest) but can also be used to tack down things that won't stay in place, like a strap that keeps falling off the shoulder, the best man's tie flapping in the wind — you get the picture. Those grey sponges that come on pant hangers could save your dress. If you get a little foundation or make-up on your dress these work great at getting it off. Just gently brush the area and you'll see it start to come off.

Also, never rub a stain; pat with the intent of taking it off, not smearing it around. Don't put water on a stain and don't touch it with your fingers. The oils in your fingers could set the stain. Speak with your bridal shop ahead of time to know the best way to remove a stain from the fabric of your dress. I've heard dish soap is the miracle saver but I've not tried it myself.

And take care of your feet! Run to the drugstore before the big day and grab some insoles and blister care. I guarantee someone in your bridal party will get blisters or be complaining that their feet hurt. My last piece of advice is have a stylist in your bridal party — we're used to saving the day during fashion emergencies." — Sara Paulsen, celebrity stylist at Celestine Agency

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