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Wedding Night Lingerie by LA Designers

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Granted, the most important aspects of your big day primarily have to do with the event itself: the dress, the flowers, the photographer, the guest list, the venue, and the best invites. However, let's not forget that when the wedding is over and it's your big night after everyone has gone home and you and your honey are all alone, you're going to want to make the evening just as memorable.

We've rounded up some super sexy lingerie from fabulous LA designers and stores that are guaranteed to make your wedding night just as special as your wedding day. With everything from organic bras and undies to classic garter belts to seriously avant-garde items, take a scroll through the gallery to find the pieces that suit your personality (and will majorly set the mood). These hot little numbers won't fail to create some serious heat and remind you exactly why you wanted to marry your partner in the first place.