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Six Ways To Wear Your LGBTQ Support at This Weekend’s LA Pride Fest

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From the glorious lineup of musical acts (Carly Rae Jespen, anyone?) to the activity-filled weekend that's capped off with an epic parade, LA's Pride Festival has proven to be a liberating, celebratory, and —oh yeah — super-fun event where the come-as-you-are mantra extends beyond sexual orientation and gender. Even apps like Overnight are getting in on the equality action; the last-minute stay service is offering the option to "swipe Pride," which helps out-of-towners find community-supportive travel hosts.

Since Southern California's largest LGBTQ celebration, which is taking place this weekend, is a time to declare your acceptance, tolerance, and demand for equal rights for the community, we thought we'd find a few things to wear that pronounce your pride. Whether it's donning a rainbow print or getting super literal with a "Gay Power" dad hat, these are a few ways to show your support on your sleeve. Or head. Or back. You get the idea.

Since the WeHo parade is notorious for its "anything goes" dress code (or lack thereof), feel free to pair any of the following garments with boas, body paint, angel wings, studded leather chaps, ridiculous wigs, or truly whatever floats your boat. After all, acceptance of individuality is the most beautiful part of the annual celebration.