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An LA Celebrity Stylist Duo’s Tips For Dressing Your Entire Wedding Party

Photo: Tara McMullen Photography

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When it comes to getting your entire wedding party (yup, parental units included) looking tight and right on your special day, who better to turn to than the people who make their living by getting A-list stars red carpet ready for a photo-op frenzy? Considering they can handle those high pressure fashion moments, we'd certainly trust celebrity stylists to guide us when it comes to suiting up our squad.

That's why we've turned to two of the best in the business, Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald, for trustworthy tips on styling everyone from your teeny-tiny ring bearer to your hard-to-please girl gang of bridesmaids. The duo, who are responsible for some of the red-hot looks on burgeoning fashionistas Tessa Thompson and Serayah, give us their best advice on what to do — and not do — in terms of dressing your wedding day crew.


Things to focus on for the bride are assessing the body type and identifying the silhouettes that accentuate the right parts of their body. Something we like to avoid is unflattering fit in the bust and bodice area. Outlandish and garish makeup should also be avoided as this will distract from what should signify a timeless moment in their lives.

Bridal Party

It's best to find a universal fit that can convey style among various body types as the party may not be the same size, weight, and height. Avoid an array of accessories, make-up, and hair choices as it's always best to convey a consistent theme throughout the wedding party.

A Celebrity Sylist Duo's Tips for Styling Your Entire Wedding Party Photo: The Gathering Season


As the groom is the individual standing the longest, and may be a bit nervous, he should wear a comfortable and stylish shoe — that he's excited about! — to help relieve some of the stress he may feel during his wedding day.


We like to make the focal point all about the tailoring to avoid boxy blazers and poorly hemmed suits translates visually as "a size too big."

Ring Bearer

For many ring bearers it may be their first time wearing a tux. It is imperative they look as stylish, tailored, and comfortable as the groomsman. Although we enjoy a tailored tuxedo, most young boys prefer the usual t-shirt and jeans. Avoid anything too tight that may cause "fidgeting." And no sneakers!

An LA Celebrity Stylist Duo’s Tips For Dressing Your Entire Wedding Party Photo: Logan Cole

Flower Girl

A flower girl is at her best in a gorgeous whimsical creation. Just make sure her colors and accessories coordinate with the wedding party and adorn her like the little princess she is. Avoid dresses that are too long that may make it difficult to perform her duties coming down the aisle.


It is important for the parents to coordinate with the bridal party but obtain a separate voice. Use the wedding party colors to keep the theme going while selecting appropriate fits and styles. Avoid wearing anything that may "upstage" the bride, groom, or wedding party. The parents are to compliment those parties with the theme, not compete.