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This New Personal Styling App Already Has 100k Instagram Followers

Photo: Tipster

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It's getting a lot easier to live like a Kardashian. While Glamsquad is here to offer mere mortals like us celebrity-like at-home beauty services, a new app has arrived that is like having a Monica Rose-in-the-making on speed dial. Tipster, an LA "virtual stylist agency" offers personalized style advice from trusted "industry tastemakers" (Rose is not affiliated) that are on-call to vet your look when you need a second, third, or fourth opinion.

Here's how the free app works: simply download the free app, create your profile that includes your favorite brands, colors, and vibes, review hundreds of stylists, and select your trusted circle of style advisors. While we don't know many of these influencers, Tipster has already garnered more than 110k followers on Instagram, so clear they're on to something. Or it could be the fact that the app was created by Scream Queens star Skyler Samuels alongsuite tech entrepreneur Andrew Duplessie.

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"People need confidence boosters, and that is often reflected in their appearance — their hair, makeup, jewelry, clothes," Tipster's CEO Duplessie notes.  "During our beta testing we found users felt their Tipster was a 'friend' and a 'secret advantage' to nailing the perfect look."

We'll see if Tipster sticks around. The app is currently available for iOS devices in the Apple Store and will soon launch for Android in the Google Play Store.