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This Is How It Looks Like When LA Reaches Peak Activewear

Sweat NSK in Blood, Sweat & Activewear Screenshot: YouTube

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If you're wondering whether you've reached peak activewear, it may be far too late for you. Local sketch comedy group Sasquatch pokes fun at LA's fashionable fitness fiends in Sweat, Blood, and Activewear, a three-part webseries featuring Brentwood's very own Sweat NSK.

The comedic clips star Vinyl's Jack Quaid (aka Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's son), Nick Williams, Zach Webber, and Danny Jolles — who'll all appear in Ryan's upcoming directorial debut Ithaca — as desperate salesmen hoping to pay off drug debts by selling off luxury workout wear shop's stylish merch. The clueless quartet's adventures include declaring leggings as "the new jeans" (paging KenGi), slurping a green smoothie from Beaming (Reese Witherspoon's a fan, too), and getting existential in a cande-lit dressing room. (Sound uncomfortably familiar?)

Watch the first episode below and see how many brands you can ID throughout the series here; score bonus points for taking a shot every time someone utters the word "activewear." (Drink responsibly, obvi.)