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Why Is LA Icon Angelyne Selling Her Signature Pink Corvette?

Photo: Natalie Alcala

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In five days, someone will become the proud owner of Angelyne's iconic pink Chevy Corvette. The Hollywood billboard queen is surprisingly selling her can't-miss mode of transportation on eBay, and the current bid is $11,111.

The eBay description reads:

What do you get someone who already has everything? How about a little piece of Hollywood history.Up for auction is Angelyne's 2008 custom-painted Chevy Corvette. Seen all over Hollywood and Los Angeles - Tweeted and drooled over by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, James Franco... seen in movies, magazines, and TV. The latest film it appears in is James Franco's "Masterpiece".

Weird, right? And apparently Angelyne will personally autograph the Corvette for the buyer, if requested. When we exclusively spoke with Angelyne back in 2014, her eyes lit up as she told us the story behind her pink Corvette obsession: "I got my first one in the mid-eighties. This is my ninth one, and I'm going to get my tenth next year. I buy them at Community Chevrolet in Burbank. I had a special paint made for me. It has a formula that is very hard to get because it uses a toner that they don't make anymore."

Given how much joy that car brings to her, we're curious as to why she's selling it in the first place — and on eBay. We've reached out to her rep and will keep you posted on their response.