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Inside Reality Star Brandi Glanville’s Bag

Welcome to In the Bag, a weekly feature where local tastemakers reveal what they never leave home without.

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Brandi Glanville is shockingly small. It's one thing when you see her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or now, Famously Single on E! every Tuesday night, and she looks tall and thin and generally in great shape, but it's quite another when she's in your arms for a hug and she's as pretty and delicate as a bird. The lanky model and bona fide reality TV superstar is at once outspoken and incredibly polite; her manner is unfiltered (much like her namesake wine and the podcast she's here to shoot) but down to earth, peppered with easy laughs and that side-eye we've come to know from RHOBH.

In addition to her reality TV escapades, Brandi is a mother to two boys, an author, and recently shot a cooking show with Leann Rimes's ex, Dean Sheremet, which is news made in tabloid heaven (if you don't know the heavy backstory, read Brandi's first book). We were able to sneak in a few minutes with the busy reality queen before she sat down to record her latest podcast, and she graciously emptied her beige leather Alexander McQueen bag to show us what she never leaves home without.

Brandi Glanville contents of bag spilled on tabletop

1. Louis Vuitton cosmetic case. I always have this with me for carrying my makeup around in.

2. Stella McCartney phone case. How gorgeous is this? It looks cute when you hold it up.

3. Crystals. I always carry a variety of crystals with me. I’m not sure what kind these are, but people give them to me or I pick them up somewhere and it feels good to know that they’re in there. My gay husband gave these to me and I just charged them in the moonlight.

4. Floss picks. Dental hygiene is seriously important to me. And it takes no time at all. I'm really nutty about teeth. When people don't floss I'm like, what else don't you do?

5. EMK Rescue Serum and Alpha Mask. I always have these on me, and I use them both on my hands. I have OCD and I wash my hands way too much and they get so dry. They're wrinkled and dry and I'm constantly reapplying. The Alpha Mask doesn't exfoliate, it just soaks in. You're supposed to wash it off, but I don't. It's really hydrating!

6. Alkaline Booster Drops. I really try to drink this and add it to my water whenever I can because it's supposed to be so much better for you. When I can stay on the alkaline, it helps so much.

7. Crystal Light with caffeine. Oh God, these are probably so bad for you, but I like it.

8. Blotting papers. These are essential, and you have to stay shine-free.

9. Tom Ford sunnies. I always have tons of sunglasses in my bag at any time. But I absolutely love this pair.

10. Small elephant trinket. The kids gave me this little elephant because I love elephants. It was for my key chain but it broke, so I just carry it around with me. I usually have Lego's in my purse but I cleaned it out this morning.