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Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Corset Company Settles Deceptive Marketing Suit

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Photo: @kimkardashian

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Here's legal proof that those fat-burning corsets were perhaps way too good to be true (if only life were so easy). Waist Gang Society, the "waist training" brand beloved by the Kardashians and Amber Rose, recently settled a $5 million class action lawsuit for deceptive marketing out of court, reports The Fashion Law.

The suit alleges that although the itty bitty mid-section slimmers — which range from $116 to $160 — create the illusion of "a fit and trim waist [by redistributing] fat to other portions of the user’s body," the product's claims of burning fat are "completely false and misleading," notes the fashion-focused legal blog. The company settled out of court, which means that Waist Gang's settlement amount remains confidential but "likely [includes] monetary compensation to Hawes and any of the other plaintiffs that joined in the suit."

The more you know, folks.