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This New Made-in-America Documentary Stars Tons of Cult-Favorite Cali Brands

Filmmaker, Gregory Caruso.
Filmmaker, Gregory Caruso.
Photo: IMDb

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If you're currently in the process of cultivating an eco-conscious closet, then finding fashion items with that surprisingly elusive "Made in the USA" tag feels like striking gold. There are a wide-range of reasons why purchasing locally-produced products is the way to go, but why do the dedicated makers behind them feel so passionate about the cause? Gregory Caruso, an LA-based indie filmmaker and USC alum — and the son of Rick Caruso of The Grove and Americana at Brand fame! — is here to take a deep dive into the USA-made movement with his exciting new documentary.

Set to stream on Netflix of Friday, July 1st, Making the American Man will "grant viewers access into the creative minds of the artisans and entrepreneurs who are leading this movement" while discussing how men's style has dramatically changed over the past years. Caruso (fun fact: he was coined "Hot Debate Guy" during last fall's GOP debate) spoke with more than 35 globally cool designers and influencers "who have defined what classic masculinity looks like today, and how they feel it must be produced," per the doc's official release.

While film is worthy of viewing for its concept alone, we're particularly stoked that it features a handful of LA makers, including Gentleman's Breakfast, Baxter Finley Barber & Shop, Juniper Ridge, and Unionmade. Learn more at, and mark your cal to catch Making the American Man on Netflix on July 1st.