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Let Postmates Be Your Personal LA Fashion Assistant

Photo: Styled by Noir

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As it turns out, Postmates will do more than just deliver you wine within 20 minutes on a late weekday night. The on-demand delivery service, which connects customers with local couriers who can deliver anything sold in any store or restaurant within minutes, has expanded to include specialty boutique items, dropped directly at your door step. Dying for a juice from Pressed? Postmates has you covered. Need something right now from Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills? Don't worry, Postmates can take care of that.

The delivery app is taking advantage of the demand for fashion brought to your door by quickly teaming up with retailers around Los Angeles, including Stone Cold Fox and accessories boutique styled by NOIR, making it possible to avoid the last-minute scramble associated with getting ready for a night out, and streamlining the process of online ordering (which at best can only offer same-day delivery). It's pretty much like having an assistant; you can order something online and have it brought to your doorstep.

Part of the reason for the idea's success is that you can shop for items directly off the brand's own website (rather than blindly searching for things through Postmates itself) and then simply choose the service as the delivery method. Through a partnership with online e-commerce platform Shopify, Postmates is positioning itself at the forefront of a new way to shop fashion in LA. Imagine this: you're packing for Palm Springs and you realize that you don't have a hat. There's no time to stop on the way, and you already have a cute style from Janessa Leone in mind. Simply go online, order the hat, and let a courier deliver it. Sounds pretty damn sweet, right?