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Rag & Bone’s First LA Sample Sale Is Very Heavy on Denim

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Denim devotees will be very, very pleased when they arrive at Rag & Bone's first-ever LA sample sale, which kicks off at 10am today and promises up to 70% off women's and men's merch. We toured the still-in-the-works space in Santa Monica yesterday evening (yup, we dared to venture to the Westside during rush hour, but more on that later) and can vouch for the blowout's crazy-good jeanswear selection — and pairs are going for just $80 a pop.

It's worth noting that the sale entrance is in the back of the building, so don't get too excited when you see that there's no line by the door facing Lincoln Boulevard. There's also plenty of parking options, but we'll get to that in a sec. Scroll through the gallery above to see the goods; below, we've sectioned off everything you need to know about the three-day sale, which runs until 7pm today, Friday from 10am to 7pm, and Saturday from 10am to 3pm.

Inventory & Pricing

We spotted tons of clothing from its /Jean (women's) and Standard Issue (men's) basics collections, like tanks and tees ($35), long-sleeved tops ($40), sweaters ($65), denim shorts and pants ($80), and jean jackets ($100). There's also good dose — but not overwhelming — amount of women's ready-to-wear, including skirts ($100), dresses ($175), pullover sweaters ($125), and leather and suede pieces ($125 for skirts and shorts, $350 for pants).

As far as footwear, expect about a dozen or so styles to choose from for both women and men, with prices falling around the $100-and-under range. Everything is arranged by size and style and we're told that all stock will be regularly replenished, too.

Dos & Don'ts

There are a few sale rules to ensure things go smoothly: no large handbags (bring a small wallet or tiny crossbody) or outerwear (that means no giant puffy parkas during summer, duh) allowed inside the sale, but strollers are fine. There'll be communal dressing rooms for both genders, so ladies may want to wear tight-fitting tanks and leggings if they're feeling bashful.

Parking & Transportation

If you've read this far, it means you're somewhat committed to scoring some goods, but we know how daunting Santa Monica sounds for non-Westsiders on a weekday. We suggest taking the Metro Expo line to the Downtown SaMo stop, which is about an eight-minute walk to the sale (enough time to listen to half a podcast!)

For those driving cars, there'll be plenty of options for parking. Spots are limited on-site; a few spaces in front of the entrance will be reserved, and shoppers can also park along the wall adjacent to the sale entrance. It's not recommended to park in the Western Dental lot next door, however there's metered parking by the post office on 7th Street the next block over.

The sale organizers also have a #lifehack pro tip: if you drop your ride off at the car wash next door, they'll let you keep it there for as long as you shop.