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Elle Fanning’s Favorite Beauty Products and Her Crazy Hidden Talent

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Elle Fanning is the coolest teenager in the world. In addition to being a front row regular at fashion shows across the globe, the 18-year-old Angeleno is a full-blown movie star, known for outstanding performances in films like Somewhere, Super 8, and Maleficent. She also just graduated high school, and while that may seem like a surprisingly normal teen thing to do, don't be fooled by Fanning's down-to-Earth charm. The girl is very much a big deal, so much so that Ryan Gosling stopped whatever hearthrob things he was doing to attend her movie premiere at the iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The film that has everyone talking is The Neon Demon, a new thriller directed by Nicolas Winding Refn in which Fanning plays Jesse, an aspiring model who recently moved to LA and immediately gets caught up in a wild industry filled with beauty-obsessed women that will do just about anything to get what she has. No spoilers here, but we will say that this is definitely not your everyday fashion film.

Given that The Neon Demon officially hits theaters this Friday, June 24th, we sat down with Fanning to learn more about the film and hear all about her favorite things.

What was your favorite look in the movie?

I love the opening shot, where I wore this cobalt blue metallic bandeau and skirt by Armani. It was actually the very first thing we shot! I loved Nick's vision for that opening scene, it was really cool.

Elle Fanning Neon Demon Photo: The Neon Demon

Did your sister Dakota give you any advice before filming?

Honestly, Dakota didn't read the script at all — she had no clue! She saw it for the first time in LA. I didn't tell her about it because I wanted her to be surprised. I wanted to do the film even before reading the scripting because I wanted to work with Nick. I consider him one of my very good friends.

What was one thing you learned about the modeling industry?

Castings are brutal! Our film is an exaggerated version, of course. [My co-star, real-life model] Abbey Lee Kershaw was there to consult on the scenes about that world. I mean, it's an industry based only on how you look.

Rapid fire question time! If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

That's like picking a child! Ah! Maybe Rodarte. I love them because they're real Cali girl sisters.

What three models would you invite to your dinner party?

Abbey Lee, of course. Karlie Kloss because I see her at different things and she's so fun. Cara Delevingne because I haven't met her yet but she seems really cool!

Favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

This show called Penn & Teller: Fool Us because I love magic. Penn are Teller are these famous magicians, so on the show they are judges and other magicians go on to do tricks and try to fool them. I don't know any magic tricks, I just support the idea of it. I would love to go see the show!

What's your hidden talent? My hip is double-jointed, so I can pop my hip in and out. Also, I can snort like a pig.

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Who's your favorite person to follow on Instagram?

My sister, @DakotaFanning, because I like to stalk her. We're not always in the same place all the time, so this way I can see what she's up to. Also, @KirstenDunst because we're great friends. I loved looking at her photos from Cannes — she looked so pretty.

Weirdest place you've been asked for a selfie?

I was just in Chicago and we went to The Bean. I've never been asked to take a selfie while I was taking a selfie of myself, but it happened!

Favorite place to shop in LA?

There's this vintage store in Burbank called Playclothes — I love it. Also, Opening Ceremony.

Favorite place to shop in NY?

I love Barneys New York.

Favorite cheap beauty product?

It has to be CoverGirl mascara.

Favorite expensive beauty product?

Marc Jacobs lipsticks are so cool, they have really great colors. Also, Tom Ford highlighter — the shiny one

Last but not least, what's your go-to karaoke song?

It's always "No One" by Alicia Keys!

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