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Santa Monica Scores a Members-Only Yoga Space

Photo: @createyogaspace

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Hollywood has Wanderlust, and soon, the westside will have Create Yoga. Set to open in Santa Monica next month, the exclusive space will serve as a yoga studio (duh) while hosting creative events and offering a community space. Memberships will be set in two tiers — 1) monthly unlimited yoga and 2) monthly unlimited yoga plus access to events — and the spot will focus on partnerships with LA-based talents to make it a truly collaborative space.

Create Yoga will also an "open house" workspace (1pm to 4pm daily), classes and charitable projects. The first good karma initiative is an early bird membership offer via Go Fund Me here, where 50% of all donations will benefit plastic-free seas with Xanadu. Proceeds also will help fund yoga therapy for special needs kids and UCP. Learn more here and get ready for the grand opening on July 16th.

Create Yoga

2828 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA