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Natalie Dormer on Stealing Her ‘Game of Thrones’ Frenemy’s Style

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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Although Natalie Dormer's Machiavellian princess Margaery Tyrell vowed to be "the queen" of the land, the Game of Thrones star has already ruled a castle of a different kind. Last night, Vanity Fair held a starry cocktail party at Westeros West Hollywood's legendary Château Marmont in honor of the leading lady, this year's recipient of Women in Film's Max Mara Face of the Future Award.

Before heading into the stylish soirée attended by celebs like Emily Ratajkowski, Selma Blair, Molly Sims, Caroline Vreeland, and more, the Hunger Games star revealed to us how long it really takes to transform into her cunning GOT character.

"We've got it down pretty fast now because it's been five years. I think we can get the wig on in about 40 minutes now, and makeup up we can probably get done in about half an hour," she says. "And then to be stitched in or sewn [into the costumes] can take up to 20 minutes. So there's probably at least two hours; two and a half hours to be safe, so I can have my breakfast too. The alarm normally goes off around five."

Natalie Dormer in Game of Thrones Photo: HBO

When it comes to fashion in the Seven Kingdoms, Dormer tells us that she covets the on-screen closet (and sleeves) of House of Tyrell frenemy Queen Cersei Lannister, played by Lena Headey.

"[Costume designer] Michele Clapton knew that, so she did one thing that made Margaery look cheeky. She made her a gold dress; it was last season," explains Dormer. "[My character] was wearing a long dress with long gold sleeves as if she's replacing Cersei as the queen. She copied her style. That was fun, because I do like Lena [Heady]'s big sleeves."

Château Marmont

8221 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA