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Six Slip Dresses to Buy Right Now

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There are some '90s trends that we may never be ready to see stage a comeback (ie: those freakin butterfly hair clips), but others we're welcoming with open arms. Possibly our fave comeback from era that also brought us backwards jeans and 'Co-Ed Naked' t-shirts (ugh) is the garment that supermodels just couldn't stay away from: slip dresses.

Despite the fact that the silky slip dress didn't first emerge in the heyday of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (they were first popularized in the flapper era and saw a resurgence in the '60s and '70s), the lingerie-inspired style became iconic when icons like Kate Moss and Courtney Love made them a staple of the fashion and music scenes. Today's trend-setting celebs and of-the-moment mega models are equally obsessing over the curve-skimming garment, whether they opt for a mini version worn over a baby tee (how very Sofia Coppola of you, Kendall and Kylie) or a full-length stunner with a super sexy slit.

If you've been dying to emulate this quintessential model-off-duty style, you're in luck: tons of brands and shops are stocking these dresses in a range of price points, lengths, and necklines. That said, we've rounded up a few that are either the exact version or inspired by slips worn by some of fashion's biggest influencers, all of which you can buy right this second.