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Meet The Man Behind Gigi Hadid’s Go-To Sunnies

Photo: Sicky Eyewear

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Considering that Gigi Hadid's ex Cody Simpson has a collaboration with Sicky Eyewear, it's safe to assume that the girl is a major fan of the Malibu brand (one glace at some paparazzi shots will totally confirm that). Gigi's not the only one taking notice of this undeniably cool, understated, playful LA brand of sunnies and glasses, with celebrities and bloggers alike snatching up the Insta-worthy frames.

Although the brand is quintessentially Malibu-oriented and inherently beachy, there's a perceptible high-end, urbane quality to the sunnies that results in an effortless transition from the waves to Rodeo Drive. This is thanks to the brand's founder John Hildebrand, whose keen eye for fashion and obvious passion for his line of work translates into the products he puts out.

Hildebrand smartly surrounds himself with a hip young "Sicky Crew" of artists and celebs, keeping the collections fresh, unique, and a touch retro without feeling been-there-done-that. We got a chance to catch up with John recently and he let us in on his favorite pieces from the current collections, what he loves about LA, and why quality and feeling the love put into a creation is really all that matters (but it wouldn't hurt if Rihanna donned a pair of his sunnies).

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What do you want someone to feel like when they’re wearing a pair of Sicky’s?

I want someone to feel the experience of the whole brand, the love that goes into each frame and our unmatched quality. I want people to feel a part of something, by wearing a pair of Sicky's you become a part of our family and movement. 

What makes this a quintessentially California brand?

It's natural, it's in our DNA. Sicky was born in Malibu and most of the crew live in/around Malibu so it's safe to say we all spend a lot of quality time here, both for work and play. The brand touches on a little of everything LA — from music, art, surf, fashion, and even tech.

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Any favorite styles that you’re offering right now?

I love this question because as the founder and designer I of course love and appreciate them all. I can say with confidence that each and every frame style brings on a completely different vibe, it all depends on the mood I'm in or what kind of day I have planned. My everyday pair for just running around town or hanging on the beach would be the S10 collection, and I love color so the ivory with the gold mirrored lens would be my top choice.

If I am going to an event and I want get a lot of reactions about my eyewear choice I go with the Gidget in Red. When I'm feeling more understated and choose to wear all black, I grab my Dean's in Black. The most anticipated style to date would have to be the artist collection with Sicky Crew artist This Means Mar. We have been working on this frame for over a year to bring his art to life and onto the faces who appreciate his work most. This is something I have been wanting to do with the Sicky Crew artists and celebs from day one. These frames will be dropping the second week of June, limited-edition and only sold on our website.

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How do you use social media to further your brand?

Social media is tricky because these days you have to have it or else your brand will "never make it" but at the same time you can’t only depend on social media. Our social media serves as a platform and voice for us to tell our story, showcase our lifestyle, and give people an inside look at the brand and all that goes into it. We get personal, we try to be as candid and transparent with our readers and followers as possible since we wouldn't be where we are without the amazing support.

What are your favorite places to go and spend a great Sunday in LA?

I have to state the obvious — in Malibu, down at the beach with a few friends to try and take a break from work. I'm really pumped to see that the Malibu Soho House has officially opened its doors, as I feel like I am going to be spending a lot of my time there now. My Sundays are for attempting to get my mind/body relaxed and recharged for another big week ahead.

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Which celebrities would you love to see in a pair of Sicky’s?

I have been so insanely blessed to already have seen so many of my favorite celebrities wearing the brand thus far. There's so many I could name but thinking just off the top of my head, I would really love to work on a collection with a musician like A$AP Rocky, Beyoncé, G-Eazy, or Rihanna.

What can we look forward to seeing from Sicky in the months ahead?

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the top eyewear manufacturers in the world, but we are proud to say that Sicky has officially switched full production to Japan with absolutely unmatched quality. We are currently working on some new limited-edition styles and products, all of which will be sold exclusively on our website. We've additionally refocused our sales efforts to direct-to-consumer, where we can cut out the middle man and in return give our customers the best quality at a lower price point. We are also about to launch our brand new website at the end of May.

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