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Top Career Advice From Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe, and More at LA's Create & Cultivate

Photo: Irida Mete Photography

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On Saturday, hundreds of women (and maybe five men) met up in DTLA at the Hudson Loft (side note: perfect wedding venue) for the Create & Cultivate conference. The online platform and conference series is geared toward female entrepreneurs in the digital space, and there were tons of high-powered #bossladies in attendance and speaking to offer some serious career advice to those already in business and those hoping to start their own companies. Additionally, attendees enjoyed tons of pop-up shops, a succulent ring-making station, and a glam and beauty bar.

There was some inspiring advice from the keynote speakers, Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe, and Chelsea Handler, as well as awesome takeaways from the founders of LA favorites Pressed Juicery, Alfred Coffee, Parachute Home, and Iconery. Here, we've rounded up a few memorable moments from the conference, as well as some of the most solid pieces of career advice we heard—there was a lot of creative brain power here.

1. "I had a personal journey that took me to where I am. I started drinking one green juice a day and it really turned my life around. I didn't know any entrepreneurs and I figured if I could just learn how to make juice, how hard could it be? It was really hard."—Carly de Castro, co-founder of Pressed Juicery

2. "God bless Instagram. We had a very strong social media strategy and we never deviated from it. Coffee is infinitely shareable."—Joshua Zad, founder of Alfred Coffee

3. "I decided to jump in and really give it my all. You have to ask yourself, what problem are you solving? If it's a problem that someone has already solved, how are you doing it differently?"—Ariel Kaye, founder of Parachute Home

4. "You've gotta let go of the little stuff."—Jaclyn Johnson, creator of Create & Cultivate

5. "That thing that wakes you up in sweats at 2am? You kind of have to listen to that."—Jessica Alba

6. "It's really good to start a company with your own money. You have to be bought in and feel that pain."—Ivka Adam, founder of Iconery

7. "Why would you pay $30 for something you can get for free at your gym? We had to create a marketplace and create value."—Gabrielle Etrog Cohen, VP of PR at SoulCycle

8. "I really believe in not micromanaging people. If they're good, you don't need to watch over them."—Rachel Zoe

9. "I can't be anybody but me. Be loud, be bold, but you're benefitting from the weirdness of yourself, so just let it go."—Chelsea Handler

Hudson Loft

1200 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA