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Moon Juice's Goop-Approved Milks and More Can Now Be Shipped Nationally

Photo: Moon Juice

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Whether you're on Moon Juice founder Amanda Bacon's wellness bandwagon (celeb health nuts Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley are documented fans) or not-so-much, you better get used to her brand's presence because now those outside LA can cop the cold-pressed concoctions and medicinal milks via the launch of nationwide delivery.

Moon Juice has been shipping their "cosmic provisions," "dusts," and other pantry products (protein powders, activated nuts, etc) for a minute now, and now the brand's best-selling beverages are being bottled using a Cold Pressure Method to extend their freshness so regardless of how far you're venturing in the US, you won't have to live without your Beauty Nectar or Rose Moon Milk (god forbid). And that also means Bacon's empire is just getting larger. Sorry, haters.