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Bottega Veneta's Second Maison in the World Is Opening on Rodeo Drive

Photo: Wall Street Journal

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Fans of rich leather accessories and goods will soon have another swanky store to spend at. This Friday, Bottega Veneta its second-ever maison (French for "house") at 320 North Rodeo Drive in ritzy Beverly Hills. The first maison opened in Milan in 2013, so the fact that the Italian luxury label selected LA for its sophomore effort is a pretty big deal.

If you could have sworn that Bottega Veneta already had an LA presence, you're not wrong. Bottega already has a home-focused store on Melrose, and the new maison will replace the existing Bottega store that has been open since the Seventies. The brand's creative director Tomas Maier tells Wall Street Journal that the former BH store was "too impersonal" and "very mall box."

LA's Bottega Veneta Maison will be the antithesis of a mall experience, offering a unique and inspiring spaces designer with the "Mediterranean Revival architecture of Southern California" in mind, as Maier explains. The space will also host some exciting in-store exclusives, including an iconic bag called the "Beverly 71/16" that is priced up to $33,000. If you, too, don't have someone's entire salary to spend on one bag, the new shop will definitely be a great place to daydream.

Bottega Veneta

320 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA