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Chiara Ferragni’s Latest Shoot Is Tiny Tattoo Goals

Photo: @knightcat for Are You Am I

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If you were wondering why Rumi Neely and Chiara Ferragni were twinning on Instagram a few days ago, it was all in honor of a secret photo shoot. The Blonde Salad blogger — aka most famous blogger in the world, aka owner of a bonkers home and insane amount of designer bags — modeled for the equally influential Neely's clothing line, Are You Am I.

The fruits of their skin-bearing labor have finally arrived via an editorial on AYAI's blog, which reveals two things: 1) you have to have a true IDGAF attitude to leave the house in any of Neely's apologetically racy designs, and 2) Ferragni has tons of little tattoos all over her body.

Chiara Ferragni for Are You Am I Photo: Are You Am I

Most of said ink has been done by celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo, who we crowned the fashion world's favorite tattoo artist back in 2014. Save for those finger pieces, many of Ferragni's tattoos look like they can be covered up with strategically placed clothing. We see tons on her upper body and none on her legs. She's either a fan of keeping that area bare or just hasn't found the right design yet. Maybe a few of her six freakin' million followers on Instagram can give her some ideas.