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New Members-Only Club Prête Books Your Blowouts and Manicures For You


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If you're the super-busy type who dreams of having a personal assistant to handle all your beauty appointments, this is the next best thing. Prête is a just-launched membership service where individuals can request a blowout or manicure online without having to communicate directly with the salon.

Here's how it works: after signing up here, select one of three membership types: a one-time blowout at a participating salon ($35), an Insider one-time yearly due that offers access to deals, events, and $29 blowouts ($49), or a monthly membership that hooks up unlimited blowouts at participating salons (including RA Hair House in West Hollywood), in addition to access to exclusive events and free products ($129). You can then request you appointment and location on the Prête online portal and a personal concierge will book the visit directly with the salon.

And since you've already paid for your beauty service through your Prête membership, simply show up to the salon on the day of your confirmed appointment, get beautified, tip your stylist, and bounce.

Give the service a spin if you love a life hack. On the good karma front, Prête also donates a portion of all proceeds to the Johns Hopkins University program to end animal testing.