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Skincare Guru Kate Somerville Reveals the Real Secret to Glowing Skin

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Kate Somerville

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As anyone who has stopped by her star-frequented skincare oasis on Melrose Place knows, Kate Somerville's name is synonymous with beaming complexions. Through her best-selling skincare line (we covet the Contouring Eye Serum) and ultra-pampering in-house treatments, the brand founder was a pioneer of combining the best of both nature-driven ingredients and medicinal advancements to get clients supremely glowy. And with a celeb client roster that includes Jessica Alba and Olivia Culpo (who can argue with their enviable radiance?) Kate is a bona fide expert on the subject of getting a flawless face.

And that's precisely why we've asked the pro to help us score some top tips to put your best face forward, whether it be de-puffing eyes with an easy DIY treatment (hint: you probably already have the sole ingredient in your cupboard), how to prep your skin to have your makeup stay put through summer heat, or the simple step that women should never skip.

Summer's coming; how can we get a glow without melting our makeup off?

Exfoliation! Exfoliating skin is essential for revealing a smooth, glowing complexion and getting rid of dull and dry skin. Look for formulas with fruit enzymes and smooth microbeads for a dual-action exfoliation. Fruit enzymes like pumpkin, pineapple or papaya gently dissolve dead skin. Physical exfoliation is important because it lifts dead skin cells. Stay away from exfoliators containing sharp nuts or seeds, because they can actually damage skin.

Do you have a DIY treatments you can whip up at home?

I'm definitely a bath person. I take a quick warm bath every morning. If I've been working out or feel sore, I always use Epsom salts. Sometimes I'll even add essential oils such as lavender and lemon. There's a store in Santa Barbara called Salt, and they carry exotic salts that I use in my bath as well. They have a salt cave that you can go sit in, and it's absolutely amazing!

Another secret to treating dark circles: I steep green tea bags, and put two metal spoons on ice. Then, I apply the tea bags over my eye area for ten minutes. After I remove the tea bags, I apply eye cream, then massage around my eye area with the cold spoons. This trick instantly reduces puffiness!

What is womens's most common mistake when it comes to caring for their skin?

The first step to beautiful skin is thorough, effective cleansing. I double cleanse to penetrate deeper and fully cleanse skin. This will allow for the following products to absorb better and truly be effective.

For those of us trying to stave off surgery/injectables as long as possible, what's the top preventative tip?

Don't forget to wear sunscreen; it's a pet peeve of mine! It's a must, especially living in Southern California, where the sunrays are powerful and it always feels like summer. I never leave the house without applying sunscreen with at least SPF 30. It's truly the most important element to prevent skin damage. SPF protection is the most important element for healthy skin. Sun degrades our collagen and elastin and affects our body's ability to create healthy new cells. Many of my clients ask me to take away or reverse something they don't like about their skin and usually what they don't like could have been avoided by staying out of the sun.

Which celeb has the most enviable glow, in your opinion?

Honestly, everyone has a right to skin radiance; it's not reserved for celebrities, brides-to-be, or those who are simply born that way. You're in control. You have the power to change your skin and change your life.

Desert island question! What three KS products would be your must-haves?

1. Daily Deflector Moisturizer SPF 50

2. DermalQuench Liquid Lift

3. Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm