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Cailli Beckerman's Marc Jacobs Bag Holds Choupette Kitty Gloves and More

Welcome to In the Bag, a weekly feature where local tastemakers reveal what they never leave home without.

Cailli Beckerman

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Cailli Beckerman of Beckerman Blog is one colorful lady. Never one to shy away from hot colors and bright accessories, her bag is as bold as her blog (which she shares with her twin, Sam); she's whip smart, funny, and totally on trend. Her bag reads the same way as her blog, with its technicolor assortment of sartorial must-haves, and things she's just personally amused by. Isn't that the true definition of style? Her DIY approach to high-end fashion has us imagining all the ways we can customize our own pieces (hint: put a pin on it).

We got an inside look at her embellished 'Wingman' Marc Jacobs bag, which was totally covered in tons of shiny charms (some of which she added herself, like the troll and that Bart Simpson one) to see what she never leaves home without.

1. Karl Lagerfeld Kitty gloves. I love these little leather Choupette gloves. They come with me everywhere.

2. Chanel UV Essentiel sunscreen. This is a must in case it's super sunny outside. Plus it's so small and my favorite sunscreen because it's totally matte and not oily at all.

3. Nars lip gloss. I'm obsessed with the matte lip gloss. Favorite new color is Get Dirty.

4. Mophie. I always have backup cases especially when I'm traveling.

5. Moschino phone cases. They just make everything more fun!

6. My Coach x Gary Baseman card holder. I basically just travel with credit cards. It's so much easier and this men's one is my favorite.

7. Vintage sunglasses! I've had these ones for ages I just alternate and throw them in my bag.

8. Mac Studio Fix powder. I've been using this powder (not this exact one) since I was 13 years old and it's still my favorite! I'm #NC20.

9. Gum. Pink Trident is so hard to find!

10. My Minnie Mouse hair tie.

11. Keys! I have a million key chains and always switch them up.