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Otherwild Now Has More Ways You Can Promote Its Female-Empowerment Message

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Otherwild had a simple goal in mind when they resurrected the concept and message of a t-shirt initially created in 1972. The "The Future is Female" t-shirt was first sold in NYC's progressive bookstore Labyris Books and was embedded into history by way of a photo taken by artist/female activist Liza Cowan three years later.

LA's own progressive retailer brought back the slogan last year — openly crediting both Labyris and Cowan — when they released their own version of the tee with the idea to offer 25% of sales to Planned Parenthood. Shop owner Rachel Berks couldn't have been prepared for both the massive popularity (modern feminists like Lena Dunham proudly donned the t-shirt on Instagram) and the controversy (model Cara Delevingne's alleged copycatting) that followed.

But the powerful message, which Berks is quick to clarify is "an inclusive, expanded, fluid" notion of gender, continues to be a best-seller and the success of the t-shirts and sweatshirts (and did you know there are also tanks, kid's shirts, and baby onesies?) has inspired Otherwild to create even more merch that's emblazoned with the phrase.

While the bag, print, pin, and mug don't give any proceeds to PP (due to production and collaboration costs), they still serve a significant purpose in promoting equality for all. And, may we add, they made damn good gifts.