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‘Mad Men’ Fans Will Be Able to Bid on Loads of Coveted Set Props Soon

Photo: AMC

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Although it's been nearly a year since AMC's hit series Mad Men said its final goodbye (let's not get into that polarizing finale, though), fans still have as much passion for the show as ever.

The show that re-popularized the mid-century modern aesthetic had endless furniture, wardrobe, and decor details that viewers would have happily reached through their screens to snatch, but now we're sharing the good news that there's a much more rational solution.

Starting June 1st, 1500 different items used on set will be available for bidding, courtesy of ScreenBid, in honor of the finale's year anniversary. The lots were even curated by prop master Ellen Freund and include highlights like Peggy's baby blue typewriter, Don's orange office chairs, his 1964 Chrysler Imperial (!!!), Megan's 1960s floral sheet set, and Pete's rad globe bar cart, but you can get more of a sneak peek — plus register to bid — here.

The auction kicks off next Wednesday at 12pm, and you'll have through June 15th to try to get your hands on some of the award-winning show's coveted pieces. Perhaps it's also worth mentioning that Father's Day is the following Sunday, so if dad's got a man-crush on Don Draper, you know what to do.