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Drawsta’s Futuristic Graphic Tees Make a Statement Beyond Fabric

Photo: @drawsta

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It's safe to say that stylish entrepreneur Heather Lipner is on our cool-girl crush list — which is why we, too, were bummed when her hyper-real label Clashist shuttered. The digital-obsessed designer has made a swift rebound with Drawsta, a new label launching next month that takes fashion beyond its fabric. (You'll see what we mean.)

"I started thinking about how to go deeper with shareable fashion and the content experience," Lipner tells us. "I really wanted to give the audience more from the item they were wearing. I don't really know how to explain it other than I had visions in my head and then eventually realized I could do it with an augmented reality renewable digital layer."

Comprised of screen-printed graphic shirts ($48), the brand uses an app to reveal trippy virtual designs. Each unisex tee comes with three to five different animations and a new one will be released weekly; natch, the app's recording feature allows wearers to turn their experience into a sharable .gif.

"There's no fast fashion waste as I am not making more and more physical static goods to satisfy the latter," adds Lipner. She tells us that although the app's only available on iOS for now and that there's potential for an Android version, but "it depends on what comes first: Growth or innovation. I really want to see nice looking AR glasses like these evolve, so you can just put them on and see the world's augmented layer." (The future has arrived, folks.)

Intrigued? The merch ships the first week of June; watch the vid below to see how it all works and shop the goods online here.