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Day Space Night's Artsy Cool Line Just Released Printastic New Styles

Photo: Joyce Kim

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We weren't the only ones to fall for Day Space Night when it first launched last November. After design duo Samantha Margherita and Kris Chau sent their "dream girls" Lena Dunham and Jenny Slate pieces out of pure admiration, both funny ladies immediately took to their Instagram accounts to praise the the local label's wildly-printed, relaxed-fit silk tops and dresses

The fact that Kris and Sam choose such brainy babes as fashion crushes (as opposed to, ahem, other media sensations) speaks perfectly to their brand, which in addition to cool and stylish should also be labeled thoughtful and conscious—just like Lena and Jenny. Their totally unique, custom prints—the work of Margherita, who previously created prints for Clashist and Reformation among others—are all done in-house, in DSN's Chinatown studio. As a result, they can eliminate waste, and keep costs down so the line remains accessibly priced.

The girls also keep things super body-pos. Chau, who cut her teeth in the fashion design world (she's also a super accomplished artist) at Free People, is a magician at coming up with silhouettes that flatter many physiques. Most all garments are one-size-fits all, which seems nuts until you see how many bodies still look rad in them. And just today the brand has released a whole gang of new styles (pants, swimwear, oversized shirtdresses and more) that can be purchased immediately through their site, or during a pop-up shop at their studio (1727 N Spring Street) this Friday from 7pm to 10pm.

With the new styles having just launched, we thought it was an ideal moment to get to know a bit more about the women behind the brand, including how they fanned out for Ms. Slate (watch for her in an upcoming lookbook!) and why their new one-piece is pretty much made of magic.

Day Space Night's Artsy Cool Line Just Released Printastic New Styles

You have quite a few different styles/silhouettes in the new line. Where did you find inspo for those?

Collection II is inspired by photos of gorgeous grandmothers when they were just PYT's, sexy Italian starlets from Fellini films and female artists in our life. It's a nod to a different era but updated in a fresh way.

When Jenny Slate and Lena Dunham posted pics of themselves in your pieces, did you guys die?

Yes of course we did! Jenny and Lena are both strong, creative, beautiful women we have both admired for a long time. When we sent their pieces out into the world we did so with no expectations. Ultimately, Jenny and Lena are sincere ladies who are only going to wear things they enjoy. So when the wore their pieces and shared, it was really gratifying to know they thought the dresses were special. We feel really lucky and grateful that they reacted immediately and it inspired us to keep designing.

Day Space Night's Artsy Cool Line Just Released Printastic New Styles

All the digital printing is done in your Chinatown studio. How does that make the way your brand operates different than most?

We invested in a digital printer to keep all production in house. By controlling our prints we avoid having to hit minimums at big factories which usually means overproducing and wasting. It also allows us to be artisitically free to collaborate, experiment, and make one-offs for fun if we feel inclined. It's a beautiful process to have our hands touch all aspect of the product. Lots of love, sweat, and tears go into making our clothes.

Day Space Night's Artsy Cool Line Just Released Printastic New Styles

You have limited stockists. Was that a conscious decision?

At the moment yes. We don't aspire to have our product be present everywhere. We are looking for stockists who are trying to do something truly unique and sustainable. Someone who shares the same ethos as us and appeal to the same woman we are trying to work.

What do you love most about living and working in LA?

We love the creative community and the current energy happening in LA. We specifically love working in our Chinatown space. It's interesting to watch the crossing of old and new synergy unfold. Also, seeing lush flowers daily and eating noodles makes us happy girls!

Day Space Night's Artsy Cool Line Just Released Printastic New Styles

What can you tell us about your new swimwear?

The new swim pieces came to be because we realized it was actually difficult to find a patterned, elegant one piece suit. We worked really hard on the silhouette to accommodate many body types. We wanted to make one good classic cut with tons of fun prints which is part of the beauty of having our printer in house. The Concetta suit is a vintage inspired cut, with high cross back straps that allow you to swim and run on the beach. With just enough of a low back, leg and booty, to give a show at wherever you decide to wear it. We encourage it to be worn as a body suit, a leotard, out surfing, lying poolside or just doing household chores.

Most of your pieces are created one-size-fits all. How are you able design for such a wide variety of body types?

We don't design tight clothes, they float and sit away from the body. We refer to vintage shapes and traditional pieces from different cultures. Like a Mexican dress, kimono, or apron, these pieces exist to accommodate different body types. They are one shape but adjustable. We approach design from a utilitarian and sustainable viewpoint as well. By nailing one dope silhouette, We waste less fabric and resources in development. We just really use our brains to maximize how many can women can wear our garments.