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Production Designer Victoria Foraker's Urban Style Has a Dose of Cali Cool

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We first eyed up production designer Victoria Foraker when she modeled Day Space Night's printastic silk pieces for the budding brand's lookbook late last year. Though the local label opted to feature a cool "regular" gal in lieu of a professional poser, they could have fooled us, considering that the boss babe (she's designed sets for both major and indie music videos, including an upcoming clip for Lo Moon) also happens to be a statuesque beauty who boasts a relaxed, yet totally-pulled together style.

The Bay Area native, who also spent over a decade in NYC, has fully embraced her new LA life (she's been here four years now). "I think I'm a legitimate Angeleno now," she tells us, "I know where to get the best avocados, have my favorite Thai restaurant, and know which freeways and streets to avoid and when. I think that's the LA test, right?" And besides learning the snacking and driving secrets of the city, she's also honed in on a trusted circle of local makers, designers, and other creatives, all of which she's happy to endorse with her daily ensembles.

We caught up with Foraker in between projects to find out that local labels she's loving, the Danish-inspired garment she's obsessed with, and why she's studying up on old Italian films.

Tell us about your outfit:

My coat is vintage from my friend Oanh who has This Repair Shop. She does custom hand-stitching but her vintage—that she sells at the Rose Bow—is just phenomenal. You can even tell her, "I want to find something that looks like this!" And she'll go into her freaking archive and have three options. She's super great at that. I wear this coast all the time. I have no idea who made this shirt. It was a Crossroads find for like $8 but I wear it all the time. The cut is really awesome, to the point that I'm thinking of taking it to a seamstress and having multiples made. And my jeans are Bliss and Mischief. They're vintage 501s that [owner] Hillary had chain-stitched with these roses. My shoes are old, very old. I think they're Dolce Vita. These should not have stood the test of time, yet somehow they have! They're my magical boots.

Describe your style in three words:

It used to be "urban classic," and I guess it would still be that but a little more Californian now. In New York I went for classic shapes with a lot of black or a motorcycle jacket and in LA I totally felt that relaxed vibe creeping up on me. Like these chain-stitched roses! So I guess LA urban classic, whatever that would mean.

What LA boutique is your happy place?

Probably Myrtle on Sunset. [Owner Whitney Bickers] is phenomenal. Both her taste and the way she makes you feel when you're in there. She carries a lot of LA brands as well as State—who makes the smocks with deep pockets—and Rachel Antonoff. I don't really go to to many stores. I'm usually hitting up the Rose Bowl flea market or buying from friends because we try to keep our money in our circle. If I pay you for some shirt you designed, then you've got money to go buy something else from another friend. We all support each other; the money just stays circulating.
What fashion item are you obsessed with buying right now?

Copenhagen coats! I don't know if that's an actual fashion term, but I love long, flowy coats. I call them Copenhagen coats because I picture myself wearing one there on a bike. They're the kind of coats you can move in, with pockets, and just this shape that—when laying flat—is really elongating, but when you're moving it creates this dramatic shape behind you.
What are you currently on the hunt for?

Well, I was on the hunt for the perfect vegan motorcycle jacket, but I just purchased that from Mikey of James Payne literally yesterday. Now I'm on the hunt for a circular purse. A really cool, shape-driven purse. I'm tall, so it can't be too tiny.
Who's your style crush?

I'm constantly striving to carry myself like women from those old Italian movies. They have so much confidence and attitude. We start our day looking down at our phones and I'll find myself looking at my reflection and my posture is bad and I'm not confidently rocking whatever I have on. What I'm trying to be more mindful about is how I carry myself and appreciating whatever I'm serving for the day and not getting lost in some stupid email or text. Even the Brigitte Bardot movies, like And God Created Woman, the way she carries herself is so powerful and if I could even channel that for 45 minutes each day I'd be happy.