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Is Parisian Boutique L’Eclaireur Finally Bringing Its Avant-Garde Goods to LA This Year?

Photo: L'Eclaireur

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When we last checked in with L'Eclaireur, the edgy luxury retailer admitted it was taking extra time to ensure its LA debut was parfait. Just as we started to lose faith, a casual mention in Departures has revived our anticipation for the long-delayed shop in West Hollywood. (It was first set to open last March, then again in fall/winter last year.)

In a recent global shopping guide, the luxe travel mag reveals that the Parisian boutique chain's first avant-garde fashion wonderland in the U.S. is opening "this year." The pub also notes that "Meryl Hadida, daughter of the founders, now lives in Beverly Hills and is spearheading the project", which will feature a mix of cult-favorite designers, high-end home furnishings, and art.

As mentioned, the approximately 6,500-square-foot shop is taking over star-faved florist David Jone's three-story building. Located on Robertson Boulevard just south of Melrose Place within WeHo's Design District (not far from like-minded neighbors Maxfield and H Lorenzo), the envelope-pushing space will be "neither a boutique nor a gallery, but something different" and merch will be tailored for LA shoppers, as founder Armand Haddad noted a few years back.

No word yet on the store's exact opening date; stay tuned!


450 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90048, USA