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Why Ruby Rose and More Celebs Love This Bear-Shaped ‘Beauty Pillow’

Photo: @rubyrose

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When Australian beauty Ruby Rose was spotted toting a leopard-print, bear-shaped pillow on the street of NYC, passersby were likely all "WTF"? But the multi hyphenate talent has a method to her madness; the pillow is a best-selling product from LA-based registered nurse Jamie Sherrill (A.K.A. Nurse Jamie), and its funny shape actually helps stave off wrinkles while you sleep.

And Rose isn't the only celeb to stop into Nurse Jamie's Beauty Park Medical Spa for both her famed product line and non-surgical services (including dermal fillers and cosmetic laser procedures): Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Richie, and Rita Ora have all praised the skin expert. For those skeptical to try injectables, Sherrill's line of tools, including the $69 bear (which will be available on HSN starting at 8pm this Tuesday and 9am Wednesday), a tourmaline-studded face-firming device, and a micro-exfoliating beauty stamp let you perfect your complexion without knives or needles—and at an affordable price point.

We also got the chance to chat up Nurse Jamie about skincare trends, her star-studded clientele, and more.

What in-house procedure is the most trendy right now?

Lasers in general are the biggest category and still growing as they can support age delay, cellular turnover, build on underlying skin and cell structure, increase collagen production and elasticity as well as help with acne among other benefits. They are really super tools and elasticity.

In my clinic IM vitamin facials (Intra-muscular vitamin drip) and the Oxygen bubble facials for super hydrated skin are very popular and highly effective. Ultrasonic treatments are also very in-demand as is the I-Lipo.

But regardless of any specific trend, what makes Beauty Park really unique is how I combine the treatment protocols for each patient so it is a variety of laser, tightening and circumference options that suit their specific skin type, tone, age and needs to maximize their results.

Any fun stories you can share with us about a celebrity interaction?

There are so many! I made a bet with one that his "rash" was self inflicted. He, yes he, was using too much Retin-A and was actually giving himself dermatitis. He stopped, it went away, and I won big bucks! People think a little is good so more is better and that is not always the case. I have gotten calls in the middle of the night to come over to help get rid of a major blemish and have been flown cross the country for a skin fix when necessary. Also a favorite, Khloe Kardashian had someone call in a 911 emergency to our offices to overnight a dozen beauty bears for holiday gifts right before Christmas after the bear was featured on her site for top gifts for the "Kim" in your life!

What can non-stars (aka those on a budget!) do that's conservative, but achieves some great results?

The best advice that has no cost is making smart choices consistently. Take off your make-up every night. Don't use a washcloth, only use a totally anti-bacterial anti-microbial silicone product to clean and exfoliate your face. Your skin should follow the same "bible" of guidelines that is good for your insides and your waist line. The skin is your largest organ, so many of the best practices for a good diet apply. Avoid dairy which clogs your skin from the inside out and makes things "sluggish." Cut down on sugar and salt intake.

Use tools and devices at home that mimic the in-office treatments that celebrities can afford. Ultrasound devices like my ACELLerator helps to lightly exfoliate, maximized absorption and stimulates collagen and elastin. Try to sleep on your back as much as possible and buy the Beauty Bear—it will do a lifetime of good helping "age-delay" while you get a better sleep and give your skin the maximum reparation time.