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Zack and Kelly Wore Matching Canadian Tuxedos For Their TV Reunion

Photo: @tiffanithiessen

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One of the current gems on cable television is Dinner at Tiffani'sa little show on Cooking Channel where actress Tiffani Thiessen (yes, she dropped the Amber) cooks for her famous friends. In between demonstrating how to properly roast a chicken with orange glaze and what not, there are magical moments hidden in each episode, from sharing secrets about her Saved By the Bell days to reuniting with '90s heartthrobs, like Jason Priestley and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

The latter was her guest for last night's finale, and we just about died when he walked into the room wearing a denim button-down and jeans combo similar to the look Tiffani was sporting at that very moment. After sharing a laugh about that, they enjoyed blueberry mojitos with their significant others (Mark's wife, Catriona, is a gorgeous, blue-eyed blonde and they have four freakin' kids together) and Kelly Tiffani gave us a quick glimpse at Zack and Kelly in their prime:

Zack and Kelly

Clearly, Mark-Paul was the original Bieber—especially in that black and white photo. Although the former teen stars didn't reminisce on the past as much as we hoped, the feels were still present as we watched them get down on lobster, corn, and tri-berry trifle. See more reunion photos here and relive it all when the episode reruns this Sunday, May 15th at 7pm PST.