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Designer Erin Shaffer's Bag Holds Parking Tickets and Sole Serum

Welcome to In the Bag, a weekly feature where local tastemakers reveal what they never leave home without.

Photo: Erin Shaffer

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LA-based handbag designer Erin Shaffer is truly California cool. Her entire collection is created and crafted in DTLA and combines function and form in a seriously fashionable way. Drawing on her multifaceted career (she's a former Neiman Marcus PR executive), Erin struck gold by following her passion and delivering what is arguably the newest truly great It line of bucket bags, backpacks, and clutches.

Part of Erin's success lies in Shaffer LA's use of high quality leathers while offering reasonable price points. Her limited edition, handpainted, turquoise flamingo "Greta" bag—made in collaboration with arthouse DTLAcustom—will be available soon. In the meantime, we got a sneak peek at the new style and a look inside to see what she never leaves home without.

1. BMW car keys. I’m reducing my carbon footprint with an all-electric car, not to mention that driving in the car pool lane makes me feel VIP when I am solo.

2. La Mer hand cream. My beauty indulgence after a long day of working with leather and suede; every girl needs a bit of luxury at the end of the day.

3. Sole Serum. Latest obsession I can’t live without. It numbs my feet after long days or nights in heels. It’s heaven.

4. Parking Tickets. Because if you live in LA and don’t have many of these, you probably are using public transportation or walking, because it's otherwise impossible.

5. Chanel Lip Gloss #03. This is the best color for everyone and anyone. There are no substitutions. Trust me, I’ve tried.

6. Shaffer LA Card Case. A sneak peek for fall, these card cases are easy to throw everything in and go. Add a monogram and they’re the cutest gift to give or to receive.

7. Leather swatches. I tend to have a million always floating around for inspiration and ideas. These are for fall concept samples.

8. Elisabeth Bell Thorn Earrings. Chic, simple and modern, I always have these on as they go from day to night and always garner a compliment.

9. Ramirez Tran card. I finally got an appointment with the infamous Johnny Ramirez for my hair color and have a reoccurring nightmare I’ll miss it. The card floating in my bag is my reminder.