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An Adorable Look Inside America's Very First Dog Cafe

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Last last month our friends at EaterLA tipped us off to Silver Lake's forthcoming dog cafe—an endeavor that would not only be the first of its kind in the city, but in the entire United States. As of Thursday, April 7th, The Dog Cafe is fully open to the public.

Wondering how it works? First of all, there are separate entrances to the doggy play room and the actual cafe (for health code reasoning), where you can buy bevs like lavender lemonade, pour-over coffee, and even a carob latte (because, you know, dogs can't have chocolate), as well as shop lots of cute, doggy-themed merch like t-shirts, socks, pens, and tea filters (shaped like pugs, obviously). Guests pay $10 as an entrance fee, which gets you both your drink du jour and 55 minutes of play with the puppies—all of whom are available for fostering and adoption. The Dog Cafe works with multiple local rescue organizations and specifically takes in the dogs who initially had medical or behavioral issues, which are then rehabbed to be healthy, people-friendly and ready for their furr-ever homes.

Though the cafe has officially opened, don't expect to be able to drop by and hang with the furry friends whenever you please; due to the anticipation of crowds, you'll still need to make an appointment online if you want a play date. Make yours here and ensure your moment of pure puppy love.

The Dog Cafe

240 N Virgil Ave Unit 13, Los Angeles, CA 90004 (213) 810-2872 Visit Website